How to setup TeamSpeak

Original uses TeamSpeak during raids, so if you're new to either TS or the guild here's the info you need ..

First off, you need to get TeamSpeak 3 - http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

How to set up TS to connect to the Original TS server

1. Open the menu "Connection" and press "Connect".

2. Your local addressbook is still empty but we are going to add a ....

"Social" Rank Rules

Rules for Social members

The rules will always be subject to officer council, but following will apply in all but the most unusual cases:


- Must have achieved at least "Member" status at some point within the guild to be eligible for this rank/to join as Social. Initiates cannot be added to this rank. Members are welcome to invite friends or family members into the social rank.

- Social is an option for "long breaks" if the player is no longer able to commit to raiding. It helps us if you are able to assess your own personal situation without officers having to become involved, so both full and social members need to be aware of what they can commit to before asking for any changes to their rank.