"Social" Rank Rules


- Decisions will always be made on a purely case by case basis, and we reserve the right to say "sorry, but no"


- Social's are not considered part of the official raiding side of the guild, and as such will only ever be used in official raids if they are the only option. Social's are welcome to take part in any other aspect of the guild's activity.


- Social rank is designed to be both an aid to an enjoyable environment within the guild by not having to lose great characters and fun people due to their personal circumstances, but also to act as an aid to activity within the guild by encouraging activity outside of raids, making social raids and heroics more viable more of the time. At no point should having Social members within the guild interfere with the guilds official progress.


- Socials wishing to join the official raiding side of the guild will be required to apply like any other applicant, although will of course be treated favourably. This is simply to prevent overpopulation of classes to the detriment of full raid members. Social members aren't guaranteed a spot in the raiding side of the guild if they wish to come back to full-time raiding from the social rank; we will only take what the guild requires.


- Loot for Socials will be handled the same as any guest-raid member; on the rare occasion a social may be used in a official raid, they are welcome to roll on loot if no member needs - this is after the usual DKP bidding has been done. For this reason social members will not use/earn DKP in the conventional way. However, in social raids the loot rules are decided by the raid leader, though it is of course encouraged that Social's help support the guild where possible, and equally are treated fairly as regards to loot.


- Previous members that have been removed from the guild on bad terms will not be given the opportunity to rejoin as a social player. We intend this social rank to be used purely for those who have served the guild well in the past, represent a good solid person/player, OR those who might return to us in a raiding capacity some time in the future.


- Those holding a social rank can have alts in the guild, like other full members.


- Social members also represent Original as a guild, as there is no external way of seeing that you are a social member. As such all social members are expected to behave maturely and not under any circumstances bring the guild into a bad light through your actions.